Balance and Coordination Training

Balance and coordination impairments have a tendency to go undetected and untreated, at least until an injury or fall occurs. At FLO Physical Therapy we believe that early recognition and correction of balance and coordination deficits are crucial for preventing injuries and improving performance.

Individuals of all ages and activity levels can benefit from balance training, whether you’re an athlete looking to improve stability and agility for competition, or an older adult looking to prevent falls that can lead to injury, hospitalization, surgery, and further deconditioning.

Balance and coordination deficits can occur as a result of strength impairments, neurological conditions, post-operative recovery, or aging processes. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy can work with you in a safe environment to challenge the 4 main systems that affect balance:

Provides support through the limbs (lower extremity muscle strength) and spine (core stability and posture)

Provides information about head position, spatial orientation, and movement coordination

Provides information about joint proprioception (position of different body parts in relation to each other and the ground)

Provides information about head and body orientation and position relative to objects

Don’t wait for an injury or fall to address your balance and coordination deficits! Schedule an assessment today and get a head start on improving your performance and safety!