SPEED Program

Swimming Performance Education, Enhancement, and Development

Swimmers – are you looking for an edge over your competition or a way to swim faster with less effort?

Coaches – are you tired of repeating the same technical advice over and over again but for some reason your athlete is having a hard time applying these changes to their stroke?

Parents – do you feel like your swimmer has reached a plateau and you’re worried that they might get frustrated with their lack of progress?

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FLO Physical Therapy & Performance is proud to present the SPEED Assessment, a one-of-a-kind performance enhancement and injury prevention screening tool for swimmers. We’ve drawn from over 25 years of competitive swimming and coaching experience at all levels to develop a unique process for identifying and correcting sport-specific deficits in swimmers of all ages.

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In a sport where hundredths of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing, or qualifying for that next championship meet, every detail matters. Swimmers, coaches, and parents invest an incredible amount of time, effort, and money into the sport of swimming. Our goal is to help these athletes capitalize on their talent by highlighting areas that they can improve outside of the pool, taking into account each athlete’s age, stroke preferences, and goals.

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Once we’ve identified key areas for improvement we provide simple, effective exercises that can be performed at home or before or after practice. We know how busy an athlete’s schedule can be, regardless of how old they are! By performing a 5-10 minute personalized routine daily, swimmers will be able to improve their mobility, stability, and movement quality, building a foundation for faster and healthier swimming.

Packages and Pricing

SPEED Starter Package

SPEED Assessment

Basic Home Program


SPEED Pro Package

SPEED Assessment

6-Week Progressive Home Program

Follow-Up Assessment

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SPEED Elite Program

SPEED Assessment

Weekly Individual and Small Group Performance Training

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