Manual Therapy

At FLO Physical Therapy we believe in a multi-faceted approach to addressing your pain or dysfunction. One of the benefits of our one-on-one, hour-long sessions is our ability to apply a variety of manual therapy techniques to accelerate your recovery time. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are trained in the following hands-on methods that can help you quickly reduce pain and restore function:

Releases tight or spasmed muscles

Uses stainless steel tools to increase blood flow and break up deeper soft tissue restrictions; particularly beneficial for tendon injuries (sometimes referred to as Graston technique)

Restores joints to their natural positions in order to improve motion

Specific techniques applied to the vertebrae of the spine to improve low back, upper back, and neck motion

Relieve restrictions in muscles and the surrounding layer of tissue called the fascia; useful for painful “trigger points”

Method of myofascial release that combines therapist-applied pressure with specific movements to decrease tightness and pain

Passive stretching technique where therapist applies gentle, sustained force to muscles to improve flexibility

Active stretching technique where client resists therapist force for short durations before relaxing into stretch

Therapist uses their hands to gently decompress the spine

physical therapist performing manual therapy on shoulder

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