Therapeutic Exercise

At FLO Physical Therapy we strongly believe in the value of hands-on care to quickly relieve your pain and restore your function. We also believe that in most cases the key to your long-term recovery and performance lies in your commitment to a carefully executed exercise program in order to attack the true source of your symptoms.

We feel that the best way to address this “root cause” is by following a bottom-up approach to improve your strength, endurance, and power. By building a foundation of proper muscle activation before increasing exercise complexity or resistance we can ensure that whatever is causing your pain or decreased function won’t be a problem in the future.

During your first visit your therapist will perform a careful assessment of your physical or functional limitations and provide you with exercises that you can safely perform at home or at the gym. Once we’ve determined that you can perform simple movements correctly, we won’t waste your time by having you perform endless repetitions of these exercises on a table. We’ll frequently progress your exercise program to challenge your body and create a true difference in your abilities.

Physical therapy doesn’t have to be boring! Schedule an assessment today and let us challenge you to become the strongest version of yourself!